One of the most important things you can do for your child is to make sure they attend school regularly and on time. This starts from the very first time your child attends an education setting e.g. nursery or foundation stage.

There is a link between good school attendance and high level attainment. Starting good attendance and punctuality habits early will help your child’s social development. Making and keeping friendships is easier if your child is there on time, every day.

Our whole school attendance target is 96.5%. We display our actual attendance percentage in the school reception area for parents, and on the year 3 corridor for our children.

The local authority website has some useful information about school attendance. Please follow the link for more information:

By following the link for our attendance policy, you will be able to view our attendance monitoring process and all of the Birley Primary Academy acknowledge and celebrate good school attendance:

Attendance Policy  

Attendance at Birley Primary Academy


This week's 'Top Dog Attendance' winners were Miss Taylor & Mr Ward's Class – Y6LT who achieved a fantastic 99.5% attendance.


At present, this year's attendance champions are Miss Finley’s class – Y6BF and Miss Brady's class - Y6AB, who have a fantastic 96.9% attendance since the beginning of September



Red indicates that the percentage is below our whole school target.

Yellow indicates that the percentage is broadly in line with our whole school target.

Green indicates that the percentage is above our whole school target.

Week Ending: 8th February 2019





1st – Year 6 Mrs Taylor & Mr Ward – 99.5%

2nd – Year 1 Miss Salisbury - 99.3%

3rd – Year 6 Miss Brady – 99.2%

Whole School Attendance % this week – 93.9%

Whole School Attendance this year so far - 95.2%



Our learning was interrupted 61 times last week by 37 pupils.


Watch the video below, which explains why being on time is so important for children.


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